The Excellence Racing Academy is the Premium brand of Legend Motorsports featuring Porsche cars who have very sucessfully operated Racing Adventures for the last 20 years. As a matter of fact there is not a higher end racing education program in North America! The Excellence Racing Academy runs exclusively at Arizona Motorsports Park in Phoenix, Arizona and The famous and historic Willow Springs Raceway near Los Angeles, GrandSport Speedway ih Houston and Pikes Peak International Raceway in Colorado Springs. We are a boutique, small platform, large service racing school for discriminating customers who want the best North America high performance driving has to offer.

Fans of motorsport sometimes think the closest they can come to the excitement of driving a real racecar is through a Formula One in-car camera or video car racing games. The Excellence Racing Academy featuring Porsche cars offers you an experience, an education and a thrill of a lifetime in our high performance driving school. At The Excellence Racing Academy we put you in the best seat in the house. This has always been and will always be the one driving behind the wheel of a Porsche in our high performance race school. We can teach you the speed secrets the pros use! Imagine the envy of your friends that have not yet come to The Excellence Racing Academy when you explain what you learned and what you did!

We will teach you the advanced techniques to turn right and left in our car racing schools and the high speed maneuvers used by the pros. The Excellence Racing Academy offers the opportunity for anyone to learn the exciting skills of racecar driving from highly qualified professional coaches/professional drivers. We offer racing programs to individuals, general group event school programs, corporate incentive race school programs/team building and even private racing lessons in our exotics! Our half day program offers at least 25 laps with full day programs with upwards of 75 laps in the Carreras on a real racetrack! We offer much more than most other driving schools - PERIOD!

An Experience is the best birthday, holiday, Christmas gift you could ever give. A Racing /Adventure gift of fulfilling a lifelong dream lasts for much longer than many material gifts that are soon forgotten. A race driving school may be on their bucket list of extreme adventure or on your corporate event list!

When you arrive at The Excellence Racing Academy you will be greeted by our valet and some snacks should you be hungry. You will be supplied a container to keep your belongings together for the day including your own balaclava, beverages, hand sanitizer and a racing uniform for the day with your name on it just like the pros wear! Snacks and beverage will be supplied throughout the day to keep you alert and comfortable.

We provide you with a race prepared Porsche 911 Carrera to give you all the snap and Porsche handling one might need. Racing seats and harnesses with keep you placed in the car. Your car will have your name and your home countries flag displayed above the door just like the pros! All of our cars have heaters and air conditioning to keep you comfortable during the swings in weather but as real racecars should be.... everything else that is not needed to race is stripped to reduce weight. Every car will have radio communication to track side, a coaching pro sitting beside you and video cameras to record and review your progress with one of the pros between sessions!

The Program

Excellence Racing Academy is different than any of our other racing programs. It provides very high end instruction with our one instructor to two student ratio. You will always have someone by your side in the car and track side should you desire. The school is a fast paced and exciting program that gets you up to speed quickly and confidently! Video analysis allows you to really work those track sections and learn quickly. As this is an exclusive experience class sizes are limited to eight or less people per day.



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